Friday, January 5, 2007


Welcome to Introduction to Humanities with Dr. Sharon Gerald. Come back to this blog weekly for class announcements and discussions.

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Greetings! My name is Annie W. but I'd prefer to called Ehlonna. I was born in Natchez, MS and I hsve a younger brother. My hobbies are writingg, internet surfing, reading, watching television, and playing my PS2. My favorite color is black and my hair used to be hot pink. I started writing over three short stories all of which got deleted off my out of date, devil possesed computer. This is my third semester at JCJC so I'm not really sure if that makes me a sophmore or what? I abhor rap music and R&B. I'm into rock, heavy metal, new age, classical, alternative, classic rock, goth ,metal, trance, and Cher^^; I think that's five. See you Thursday and Blessed Be!