Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Week One in Humanities

Welcome to class! I'm excited about this class and this semester. I think we're going to do lots of interesting things, and I look forward to working with each of you.

The main thing you need to do this week is to get your textbook and get ready to get to work.

I would also like you to reply to this post with a few details about yourself. This will give a chance to practice using the blog before we try out any graded discussions on it. It will also give us a chance to get comfortable with one another and to get to know each other a little.

If you have any trouble getting started in the class or you have any questions, email me.



Sharon Gerald said...

I'll start!

Five Things About Me

1. I’ve been teaching at JCJC since 1996.
2. I got my Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University. My other degrees are from USM.
3. I have three brothers and two sisters. I also have so many nieces and nephews I’ve lost count.
4. I love all animals, especially cats. My cats’ names are Mowgli, Callie, and Phoebe. Callie likes to sit next to me when I read. She’s read everything from Homer to Harry Potter.
5. The last movie I saw was Dream Girls. I loved it. I want to see it again.

Sonya Sims said...

My 5 Things
1. I graduated from West Jones in 2005.
2. I'm majoring in psychology. I'll graduate from Jones in May. I'll start USM this fall.
3. I'm very artistic. I love to draw, but I love to paint especially.
4. My hair is naturally curly.
5. My favorite tv shows are Nip/Tuck, House, and Grey's Anatomy.

Eric (APredator) Bloxsom said...

Five (5) things about me!

1. I was homeschooled by my mother and father since 4th grade to college.

2. I plan to work as a Video Game Journalist one day.

3. I've already played more games then there is days in a year.

4. Love me some good Anime, I watch alot of Cartoon Network Adult Swim.

5. I've written more short stories then i have fingers and toes.

Anonymous said...

Five Things About Me

1. I graduated from R.H.Watkins in 1997.
2. Thereafter I went into the U.S.Marine corps.
3. I am the oldest son of six children.
4. I am very high tempered, antisocial most of the time.
5. Only came to school to learn and get a better outlook on life.
6. But would like to get to know you all better before the end.
Eric(Big Boi)Carpenter.

Anonymous said...

Five things about me
1. I graduated at Purvis High in 2006
2.Ive been at jcjc for two semesters
3. I like going to church
4. My major is radiology
5.And i dont have any pets

Sharon Gerald said...

Please remember to tell who you are when you leave a comment! I can't give you credit for class discussions if I don't know who you are.

Anonymous said...

5 things about me that are somewhat interesting.
1.I'v visited 49 out of 50 states in America
2.My favorite book is Breakfast for Champions by Kurt Vonnegut.
3.My favorite band is Phish
4.I love skiing on snow or water snowboarding also very fun.
5.I'm from a small town by the name of Brookhaven, MS
my name is Josh Myrick

Heath Thrash said...

5 Things about me
1. I graduated from Heidelberg Academy in 2004.
2. I'm majoring in Liberal Arts at Jones but my overall major will be Mechanical Engineering at MSU.
3. I will graduate from Jones in may and will go on to MSU.
4. I live in Ellisville now.
5. I am a nice easy goin person.

Felisha Thompson said...

Five things about me...
1. I am on my second semester of college.
2. I have one brother that is twenty years old.
3. I live on campus but also have a house in Jackson.
4. I have not decided on my major but hope to do so this semester.
5. I look up to my grandmother and hope that one day i will be the person to take care of her.

Anonymous said...

Eric Bloxsom you seem very unique. your definitely the opposite of me. I can tell your very artistic.

sarah said...

sarah rustin
1.i graduated from northeast
2.i played softball
3.im going to school to be a teacher and coach
4.i love animals
5.i live in laurel

sarah said...

sonya sims i enjoy psychology too im thinking about also being a counselor in school

sonya sims said...

Josh Myrick I was wondering what was the one state you haven't been to?

Anonymous said...

Eric Bloxsom, you seem pretty cool and at the same time I can tell you really don't want to be here. But don't get frustrated take your time and what ever you're trying to accomplish it will happen soon enough. Eric carpenter.

heath thrash said...

sarah said...
sarah rustin
1.i graduated from northeast
2.i played softball
3.im going to school to be a teacher and coach
4.i love animals
5.i live in laurel

I grew up in laurel too. I also like sports and animals.

Eric (APredator) Bloxsom said...

sonya sims, i've actually tried paints before among many types of drawing. I think paints were my most messy of drawings. Have you ever used coal or pastels? I rather like your long hair too, don't go cutting it to short!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Sharon Gerald.......Ph.D...I'm lovin it. Heath Thrash, last name very cool. Everyone else comments hella tite. DON'T DROP CLASS!
Josh Myrick

Anonymous said...

Ehlonna says: Eric, Anime ROCKS! have you seen Trinity Blood yet? It's awesome! It has bishies, violence, AND vampires! YAAAAAAY! Bleach is pretty cool too. The humor is great and it's definately the first anime I've watched that has such an open lesbian character. @.@ How do you make time to play that many games?

Eric (APredator) Bloxsom said...

"Ehlonna says: Eric, Anime ROCKS!"

Weee! I have every single anime they have shown on Adult Swim on my computer since it started with Cowboy Bebop and Big O. I'm also loving the recent ones like Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist. As for game time, i normally run off 6 or less hours of sleep and i've been playing these mass amounts of games since age 2 with pacman. You watch any Eureka Seven?

Anonymous said...

Ehlonna says: I don't get Eureka Seven. It's probably because I missed some episodes, but it also irritates me. Why is everyone so WEEPY? I swear if someone invented a drinking game for each scene that the main character and Eureka started crying; all the players would succumb to alcohol poisoning...